Do we need the “Real World” in an online age?

These days, everyone has a website - but this raises some important issues when choosing a supplier. Consider, investments in security or fire detection systems are designed to help you to protect what matters most - potentially your life and the lives of your family, friends and/or employees along with your possessions and/or business interests. With a website…

  • How do you know the company is bonafide and reputable? The site might say they are, but who produced the site - the people claiming it? And who do you think writes most reviews online for that site….
  • Will you understand what a product does or how it performs from a few pictures or jargon filled descriptions?
  • And without actually seeing an item physically, how do you know the product will suit your decor, property or needs?

For these very reasons, we decided to open a store to let our customers meet us and try products before they buy.

Our new store

Our new store in Cardiff, is in a location that is easy to find - and easy to travel to/park! Click here to view in Google Maps. The shop is open weekdays from 9:30 to 5:30. If these times are not convenient for you, we are happy to arrange out-of-hours or weekend appointments - please contact us to schedule your visit.

As you will see when you visit us, we have the majority of the equipment featured on our website running and ready for you to try out. This is particularly important for systems such as CCTV, as how would you understand the differences of image quality, frame rate, recording resolution, etc if you do not actually see it in operation first? The number of customers we have had since opening our store that have commented about wasted investments with other companies, because they received goods that were not suitable for them, is disturbing.

Getting to try the goods first allows you to evaluate the equipment to see they are what you want and need before making a decision to purchase anything. And as you will have tried the equipment out, you will have no hidden surprises as you will know exactly what you will be receiving. And should you have any questions at a later date, this also gives you the ability to call past and receive support and demonstrations with the equipment you have!

Trade and DIY customers - as we are a distributor, we have the majority of equipment we supply immediately available at our store if you wish to purchase and collect an order (and you can check our online store for stock availability at any time before a visit).

If you wish to place your order online before visiting, simply select “In-Store Collection” and we will have your goods waiting for you.If you wish to place your order online before visiting, simply select “In-Store Collection” and we will have your goods waiting for you.