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Your fire and security system's sole purpose is to protect your property, belongings, and even your life in the event something terrible was to happen!

But can you honestly trust a ringing bell as the only way of summonsing help if a genuine fire or intrusion was to occur?

Unfortunately these days on hearing a ringing bell, people are more likely to report you to the local council for noise pollution than coming to see if you need assistance. No - you cannot trust to chance that a “Good Samaritan” will happen to be passing, or a neighbour be at home to hear it. For that matter can you trust systems that send messages to friends' phones? How many times have you missed a call or not noticed a text? And even if they did take a call or message immediately, what would they do and how long would it take??

You have to ensure that your investment will generate the appropriate response should the unthinkable take place – and that the response is as fast as possible. For example, in a fire literally every second counts!

This is where our approved, professional, 24/7 alarm monitoring packages make that response happen! And the peace of mind that this offers you is invaluable.

Cutting edge....

Our monitoring packages use the latest and best technologies available anywhere to ensure that you will always receive the service you need – when you need it!

We utilise the most secure and fast signalling equipment in the world today. These take advantage of the latest in digital technologies.

In many areas across the country, crime prevention advisors are warning of the increasing problem of telephone line tampering for properties that have security systems. We have options available to you that monitor the condition of your phone line, and immediately notify you and our monitoring station staff should any tampering occur.

And for customers who do not have phone lines, we have also have options that can make use mobile phone networks. These can alternatively be used in addition to land lines as a back-up communications path.

In all cases, we will be happy to advise you of the best and most economical solution for your personal needs.

Please download a copy of our monitoring information leaflet for more information.


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