Generally speaking, the systems we supply are designed for professional installation, as they feature some of the most sophisticated protection systems in the world today. However with improvements in technology and programming systems, some of these systems are so easy to install that they do now allow for DIY installation.

In addition, we have videos that demonstrate installation techniques so that if you do decide to fit yourself, you should not have any problems!

Before you select any equipment, you might consider viewing our advice page. This features a short presentation that describes what products do and where they should be used. If you would like to discuss your personal needs, we are more than happy to discuss over the phone or via email using the contact page.

And when you are ready to buy, please visit our online store to check out the wide range of products available to you.

A home security system is an essential addition to the modern property offering owners and residents a great level of peace of mind whether at home or away. And opting to install a DIY Burglar Alarm system is a good way for a property owner to design and fit a home security system that truly suits the individual needs and demands of their home and lifestyle.

The wireless range of systems tends to be the best option for DIY applications. Wireless means they can be installed in the home with minimal disruption caused during installation.

A large percentage of our time is spent training installation companies. Our training covers everything from what detectors to use, where to put them, right through to how to fit the components. So you can be reassured, we can offer you the best advice when considering to invest in home security!

And if you think that the programming and configuration sounds too daunting - we have just the solution for you. Our “Pre Shipment Configuration Service” is exactly as it sounds. We will discuss with you how you would like your system to operate, we will then assemble and configure the system in-store - before boxing up and shipping to you (or you can collect). All you then have to do is attach the parts in their respective locations, and switch on! How much easier could it be?

If you would like information on this or any of our services, you can email us directly using the contact page and we will do our best to help you. I must highlight that we can only accept a limited number of clients in any one financial year as service to existing customers takes priority. Further tips can be found in our FREE Newsletter.