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Please use this page to notify us of any changes, additions/removals to your monitoring account. Changes will not go live until you receive email confirmation from us.
This page is designed for the submission of permanent changes to instruction, or short term changes that will last over 24 hours (holiday changes, etc). Temporary changes (less than 24-hours) should be notified to the monitoring station directly by phone on +44 (0)1752 512151. You will need to identify yourself to the monitoring station staff using your registered password before any amendments can be made.
In a similar respect, we will need to identify you when submitting details electronically. If any details you provide do not exactly match the details on your account, we will need to contact the account holder using the details we have on file. Verification contact is made within normal working hours only. Please refer to your original paperwork if you are unsure of any of the details requested.
As you will appreciate, as a security company we must verify that any sender of files to our computers is genuine. To do this we need to verify your identity.
You will receive an email from us (to the email address that you will provide - check your spam filter) that contains a code that must be entered on the validation page.
Your message and instructions will NOT be sent to us until this verification code is entered.
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The following information must match the details we hold on file for you.
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Please provide as much information of the changes or instructions you have to ensure we follow your wishes to the best of our abilities.
If you wish to review the data which you are submitting, please click on the PREVIOUS/NEXT buttons below.
Once you are happy the data is correct, please click the "I'm nota robot checkbox", and then click the "Validation" button.